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On our last party, I started using my old webcam to make a picture every 5 minutes to document the fun we were having. I used camorama, which has a build in feature to do exactly that.

Today I wanted to do the same with the webcam on my girlfriends netbook. UNR comes with Cheese, which does not have the ability to take pictures in regular intervals, but it worked out  of the box. I installed camorama, but for some reason it did not work.

After some debugging it still didn’t work so I though: this is Linux, there must be an easy hack to make Cheese take pictures automatically, and there is:

cheese& while true; do xvkbd -text " "; sleep 300; done

Running this in bash/a terminal will start Cheese and then simulate pressing the space key every 5 minutes. And Space is the shortcut for Take a photo. Of course you can’t do anything else on the netbook while this is running since Cheese has to be focused for this to work (There probably is a hack to fix that too).

Linux rocks!


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