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A little demonstration how to use textile and djangos (free)comment system to “take over” a site:

%{display: block; position: absolute !important; top: 25px; left: 25px; z-index: 100; background-color: red; font-size: 50px;}Your text here ... site hacked%

Textile allows CSS per default -> you can do anything with CSS -> so it’s quite easy to position any amount of HTML code anywhere on the site… Bad textile!!! Give it a try and post the code example from above on your favorite textile powered site.

Apart of being a fun hack, it could be used to exploit users by overloading links, so that they point to phishing sites.  So don’t allow untrusted people to use textile markup!


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textile hacked, part 1

While writing my little django blog, I first encountered textile. So far so good. Very nice. But not perfect 🙂 So the first of my hacks was to implement a django template filter version of textile that supported head_offset.

If you want it too, simply change django/contrib/markup/templatetags/markup.py from

return mark_safe(force_unicode(textile.textile(smart_str(value), encoding='utf-8', output='utf-8')))


return mark_safe(force_unicode(textile.textile(smart_str(value), encoding='utf-8', output='utf-8', head_offset=settings.MARKUP_HEAD_OFFSET)))

Don’t forget to set something like MARKUP_HEAD_OFFSET = 2 in your settings.py.

voilĂ !

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