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As of late I became a big fan of correct typography. Which mostly means using the correct Unicode chars for everything. And the really awesome thing is that with Linux there is no need for “Insert special char” dialogs, since using the AltGr, the Shift or both keys you can get almost any character you will ever need.

Some examples (german keyboard layout):

  • AltGr+V/B/N for double quotation marks („ “ ”)
  • AltGr+Shift+V/B/N for single quotation marks (‚ ‘ ’)
  • AltGr+# (or AltGr+Shift+N) for apostrophes (’)
  • AltGr+. for ellipsis (…) which I use a lot
  • AltGr(+Shift)+- for En and Em dashes (– —)
  • and a lot more

I was very enthusiastic and tested every combination on my keyboard till I knew them all 🙂 I tried the same on an iBook (were everything was on other positions, but it was possible to get the same result) and on Windows XP (where are practically no special chars).

Directly typing those punctuation marks is quite nice, since I don’t have to rely on software to convert my input to the correct special chars (especially since there are some important differences between German and English typography).


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