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By the people who brought us Identica here is their free TinyURL Clone UR1.


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Microblogging is very hip these days, us “old school” IT pioneers have know similar things for some time now: like IM status messages and stuff 😉

Anyway, I always liked the idea of microblogging, but never like the providers (Twitter, etc). But now there is an FSF approved open microblogging service: Identica.

All used software is free software (GNU Affero), all posted content is open content (CC) and I trust a company, which uses open software 10 times more to keep my private data safe, and private, than one of the big ones (Google, Facebook & co). identi.ca supports OpenID and it is possible to get and post micro-blogs via your jabber account (like GTalk, which is a jabber service!)

Here’s my profile and rss feed.

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