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I ♥ Free Software

I love Free Software!

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Free Software advocacy associations April (the main French advocacy association devoted to promote and protect Free/Libre Software) and “Associazione per il software libero” (Italy) have launched a joint campaign aimed at the European Parliament elections in early June 2009. The campaign invites citizens to ask candidates to sign the “Free Software Pact”.
The Free Software Pact is a simple document with which candidates can inform the voting public that they favor the development and use of Free Software, and will protect it from possible threatening EU legislation.

Ask your local candidates for the European Parliament elections to sign the the Free Software Pact!!!

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Software Freedom Day 2008

Today is Software Freedom Day


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Free as in Freedom

It’s not the Gates, it’s the bars
—Richard Stallman

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Hooray!! Today is Document Freedom Day 😀

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