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As of late I became a big fan of correct typography. Which mostly means using the correct Unicode chars for everything. And the really awesome thing is that with Linux there is no need for “Insert special char” dialogs, since using the AltGr, the Shift or both keys you can get almost any character you will ever need.

Some examples (german keyboard layout):

  • AltGr+V/B/N for double quotation marks („ “ ”)
  • AltGr+Shift+V/B/N for single quotation marks (‚ ‘ ’)
  • AltGr+# (or AltGr+Shift+N) for apostrophes (’)
  • AltGr+. for ellipsis (…) which I use a lot
  • AltGr(+Shift)+- for En and Em dashes (– —)
  • and a lot more

I was very enthusiastic and tested every combination on my keyboard till I knew them all 🙂 I tried the same on an iBook (were everything was on other positions, but it was possible to get the same result) and on Windows XP (where are practically no special chars).

Directly typing those punctuation marks is quite nice, since I don’t have to rely on software to convert my input to the correct special chars (especially since there are some important differences between German and English typography).


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My paper tux

My girlfriend printed me out a copy of paper tux. Here’s the result:

Paper tux

Paper tux

More photos.

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Google 2001

Ever wondered what Google looked like in 2001? Look here. For it’s 10th birthday Google put the earliest index available back online 🙂


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Yesterday Act I of Joss Whedons new masterpiece came out. Starring Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) and Nathan Fillion (Firefly) it’s just incredible awesome! 😉

Act II will come online tomorrow and Act III on the 19th.

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Microblogging is very hip these days, us “old school” IT pioneers have know similar things for some time now: like IM status messages and stuff 😉

Anyway, I always liked the idea of microblogging, but never like the providers (Twitter, etc). But now there is an FSF approved open microblogging service: Identica.

All used software is free software (GNU Affero), all posted content is open content (CC) and I trust a company, which uses open software 10 times more to keep my private data safe, and private, than one of the big ones (Google, Facebook & co). identi.ca supports OpenID and it is possible to get and post micro-blogs via your jabber account (like GTalk, which is a jabber service!)

Here’s my profile and rss feed.

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Jack is back

I just watched the Trailer of the new Stargate movie (Stargate Continuum). And Jack O’Neill is back for this final Stargate experience! Yeah, he was always my favorite character 🙂

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Webcomic Tribute to Gary Gygax

A few days ago Gary Gygax died. I’m not realy a D&D fan, but since all my favorite webcomics payed their tribute I’ll share it with you:

* PA was first,
* then QC (see blackboard),
* and quite a nice one from xkcd

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