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I have a course on transmission electron microscopy of the plant cell at the moment. I uploaded some of the better photos to Flickr.

One photo has a resolution of nearly 10nm!!


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ppaste 3.0

I mean 0.3 of course ūüėČ I released the rc1 for a new ppaste version with auto-resizing of pictures and some fixed security issues.

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Just voted!

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I released ppaste 0.2.1: Better security and Bookmarklet support.

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Netbook Part 4


Let me say first, that I hate GNOME! ūüôā But I like the UNR version. It has more a Smartphone (that works) feeling than a desktop PC feeling, but that’s fine by me. The preinstalled apps are simple and everything you need is there. Only the movie player sucks. Everything is very well integrated, so it is suitable for use on non-geek¬†users.

But I installed KDE 4.2.2 too and after I changed the font size to 8 and 120DPI, its useable. But e.g. the Kopete “Add account” window is to big, so you can’t click on the Next button. Everything runs fluidly, even the compiz effects. Not as fast as GNOME but¬†still.

Hibernation/Suspend seem to be working.


Here are some pics

Also one last note: All (USB) ports are on the side of the netbook. One USB port per side. Very practical. No ports are on the front- or backside.

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Netbook Part 3

What else works (out of the box)

I tested the webcam with Cheese, the have-fun-with-your-webcam tool that is included in UNR. Taking snapshots works, but video capture doesn’t (not fluidly anyways). The card reader works (tested SDHC and Memorystick) and the earplugs jack works fine as¬†well.

glxgears says my graphics card can do 145 FPS.

What doesn’t¬†works

Voice recording doesn’t works out of the box, like the Ubuntu wiki says. Adding options snd-hda-intel model=basic to my ALSA config helped, but the voice recording app still doesn’t records anything. Didn’t try out more apps like Skype till¬†now.

What I didn’t¬†test

I didn’t test Bluetooth, since I have no other Bluetooth device ūüėČ Didn’t test the Mic jack, but I don’t think that works. Also didn’t test Modem and ExpressCard/34 Slot (whatever that is¬†..?).

If you want me to test something else, do tell me.

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Netbook Part 2

Hardware support

All tests by the System Testing utility of Ubuntu worked. That means: Internet (WLAN over WPA), Networking, Keyboard & Mouse, Display resolution (1024√ó600), Sound and Video playback. The Display is correctly auto-detected and the quality of the display is really really great, considering it is only¬†9″.

Typing is a little weird, because the keys are a little small for my hands. Also the position of some keys is really stupid (Photo later). But very important: There is no windows key!!! Yeah! There is a Home-Key¬†ūüôā

Installing updates right now. Part 3 soon.

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