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I always had the problem that I couldn’t decide if I should use autostart to start things like kmail and kopete. On the one hand I don’t want to start 10 apps manually at 7am but on the other hand I really hate that everything autostarts in other situations like restarting KDE because of debugging my X11 config.

So finally I found a good solution (which is also desktop environment independent):

if kdialog --yesno "Autostart?"
  echo "Autostarting"
  akregator --hide-mainwindow
  basket --start-hidden

I start this script with the normal autostart routine of KDE, an now I’ve got a simple popup asking me if this particular time I want to autostart. Super nice.


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KDE notifications + MPD

To get mpd to show the currently playing song, one can easily use kdialog:

kdialog --title "Currently playing song" --passivepopup "`mpc | head -n1`" 3

which triggers a KDE notification popup for 3 seconds. Not very pretty, but it’s simple and can be triggered via xbindkeys or something similar.

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Rebuild all your live ebuilds

Sometimes it’s necessary to install a *-9999 ebuild (= build the package direct from subversion, git, etc. repository). But portage only installs it once and never reinstalles it, which sucks.

I tried http://paludis.pioto.org/ once, which has a feature to rebuild such ebuilds in regular intervals.

What I do now is run this command once in a while:

emerge -av1 `eix -Ic | grep 9999 | cut -d' ' -f2`

which essentially uses eix to get all installed ebuilds that have a the version number 9999 and gives it to portage. Enjoy.

UPDATE: portage 2.2 supports new special sets (e.g. world, system), so now emerge -av1 @live-rebuild will do.

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