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django-licenses is my first contribution to the django open source community! Check you the examples.

Hooray 🙂


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KDE 4.1.0

I’ve already written about KDE 4.1 Beta but now, since 4.1 is released for good, some updates:


for Gentoo users

# It's not in the main tree yet, and probaly won't come there
emerge -av layman autounmask # if you don't have them already
layman -a kdesvn-portage
autounmask kde-base/kde-meta-4.1.0 # Adds all necessary entries to package.keywords/unmask
emerge -av kde-meta

If you have a beta version installed, you will have to delete everything first! Some ingenious maintainer has changed the slot names of all packages and so portage thinks it has to install everything in a new slot… let’s just say collision-protect ist gonna have a lot of fun!

Extra apps?

Some apps (all apps in the kde-misc category) are not part of the official KDE packages, so they lag behind. What about them?


There is a 4.1 port, but it is quite unstable. If you’re using the 3.x version, disable all USE-Flags so it only pulls kdelibs-3.5. If you need a trashcan also activated the kde flag, so it pulls kioslaves too.


Amarok 2 (alpha) is completly useless. All it’s features are stripped down, even changing shortcuts isn’t working properly…


Yakuake 2.9.3 is ported and works quite well. I’ve noticed that I can’t move tabs with Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right anymore, but that’s all.


  • Most of the apps are stable now, no random carshes in KMail or Kopete anymore 🙂
  • GTK engines are back (emerge x11-themes/gtk-engines-qt-1.1)
  • Input Actions don’t work at all, and this will not be fixed in 4.1 (see Bug report)

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