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Jack is back

I just watched the Trailer of the new Stargate movie (Stargate Continuum). And Jack O’Neill is back for this final Stargate experience! Yeah, he was always my favorite character 🙂


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KDE 4.1 Beta

Finally, I switched to KDE 4! I said goodbye to my KDE 3.5, which served me well over the years, and now I enjoy it’s more futuristic successor. After failing to make friends with the KDE 4 alpha/beta/.0 releases, 4.1 (4.0.82 to be exact) meets my needs.

Plasma is almost stable, only crashes once a day or so 😉 Also KMail and some other stuff that was missing in 4.0 is back. The build-in desktop effects aren’t killing X anymore and some apps have new features.

I’m not really a fan of the whole plasma/oxygen/vista-clone design but I can live with it till someone makes more colourfull alternatives. Qt4 is more important than my old styles 😉

Some upsides

  • Qt4 + SVG + kde-look.org build-in everywhere
  • Okular!
  • KMail works, Kopete works, the classic application laucher is back (but I have grown to like Kickoff) and “Run command” has previews.
  • An enhanced KTeaTime

Some downsides

  • Plasma: slow, unstable, you can’t even move icons on your panel, …
  • Desktop effects are slow and not perfect
  • GTK apps don’t cooperate very well
  • User-defined global shortcuts don’t work at all
  • KMail crashes while renaming IMAP folders

(These are problems that I have. I have seen some of the features work on other machines.)

4.1 on Gentoo

I have Kubuntu too on my notebook, but I haven’t checked it out yet. It’s propably more itegrated and stuff, but I’m a gentoo user!

What you need to get 4.1 running on gentoo is layman and if you lazy a tool called autounmask:

layman -a kdesvn-portage
autounmask kde-base/kde-meta-4.0.82-r3
emerge -av kde-meta

This should work fine, you probably have to remove qt-4.3 manually and remerge 4.4; make sure you have all Qt4 libs (eix qt -C x11-libs), otherwise a lot of apps won’t merge.

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