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A little bash script takes care of deleting the current song, you just have to setup a shortcut somewhere.

path=`dcop amarok player path`
if [[ $path != "" ]] # if player is currently stopped
        name=`basename "$path"`
        mv "$path" "$MUSICTRASH/$name"
        echo "Song moved to $MUSICTRASH" # output for usage in terminal
        dcop amarok player next # play next song to notify that something has happend

And set the config variable where you want to move your trashed music files:

File: .bashrc

export MUSICTRASH="/mnt/data/music/.trash"

bash is so powerful, it’s always a pleasure 😉

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Unicode is great!

Check out the power of unicode. There is even a snowman symbol (U+2603):

P.S. This only works on systems with unicode support!

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